Andrew Plumley


Andrew PlumleyAndrew Plumley is a government engagement and public policy professional who has worked in media and politics for over 20 years.

He has extensive experience in public affairs and strategy development, communications, stakeholder engagement and advocacy to national and state governments.

Prior to joining Willard, Andrew headed the government affairs and strategic policy functions for Australia’s largest pharmaceutical company and was elected to the select Government Working Group at Medicines Australia.

A former ministerial chief of staff and media adviser in state government, Andrew has broad policy experience in health, education, information technology, commerce, finance, agriculture, disability and industrial relations, demonstrating an ability to master diverse and complex issues and make them understandable to decision-makers and the media.

Andrew has worked in the press gallery in the NSW Parliament and as a news presenter and journalist in Sydney and Brisbane.

Andrew joined Willard in March 2013.

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