David Miles


David MilesDavid Miles is a strategic thinker, skilful communicator and influential political advocate with close to two decades working in the Australian political environment.

David established Willard in 2011 after more than six years as Pfizer’s in-house political strategist and the pharmaceutical industry’s longest serving member of the Medicines Australia Government Working Group.

Over the decade prior to joining Pfizer, David served as an adviser to Federal and State Coalition Ministers, Shadow Ministers and Members of Parliament (government and opposition) as well as at a senior level within the Environment Department in the ACT Government.

David devised the lobbying strategy and led the political lobbying effort on behalf of Pfizer to protect the price of the company’s largest product in 2005, saving the company in excess of $400m. He also played a leading role in the lobbying of the federal government by the pharmaceutical industry to achieve major reforms to the PBS, announced by the Minister for Health and Ageing on 16 November 2006.

David was actively involved in defending both Pfizer and the industry from the additional financial impacts of new budget measures introduced since 2008, including cost recovery legislation, and led the advocacy strategy to establish a Senate Inquiry into the creation of Therapeutic Groups (including appearing before the Senate Committee).

Ultimately the Senate moved to disallow the government’s policy, resulting in a saving to affected companies of $48m over four years.

One of David’s more recent successes was devising and implementing the political strategy that led to the former government reversing a decision to defer “indefinitely” the listing of a number of medicines on the PBS.

With experience working in government and media over the past decade, as well as on countless election campaigns, David has an extensive and influential network of political and media contacts including senior politicians and staff from all political parties at federal and state level.

David MilesOne of the keys to David’s success has been his development of trusted relationships in politics and media. Through regular on-ground contact, including his physical presence in Canberra during every parliamentary sitting week, opportunities to influence opinion, policy and debate are ever present.

David provides regular political commentary and analysis on television including on “The Drum”, “Capital Hill” and “Newsmakers” on ABC24 as well as “The Nation” and “Agenda” on Sky News; and has written opinion pieces for The Daily Telegraph and Spectator Magazine.

David also served on the Board of the non-government organisation, Family Planning NSW since 2009-2014.

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