Welcome to Willard Public Affairs.

A specialist consultancy providing public & media relations, political counsel & strategy, event management & advocacy services.

Government & Stakeholder Relations

Willard are experts in stakeholder relations and government lobbying at federal, state and territory level. We judiciously advise both Australian and international organisations on Australian government policy, legislation and regulation, and we understand government decision making processes.Willard can help craft and implement an effective strategy to achieve your aims. If you have an opportunity or a commercial matter that requires awareness raising, Willard’s intelligent and effective lobbying services can bring political consciousness and leverage to your goals.

Public Relations & Media Training

Designed to support CEOs, executives and professionals in the media spotlight, Willard’s public relations and media training teaches you how to effectively promote your brand and message as well as communicate positively with the media, stakeholders and public. Our media training is tailored around building confidence in public speaking and boosting your public profile. Learn how to respond in media interviews, manage a crisis and protect your reputation.

Key Message Development & Stakeholder Mapping

Willard are experts in stakeholder analysis and stakeholder mapping. We work with you to develop key messages and strategies that address the concerns from key individuals or groups affected by your business decisions. Whether it is an issue with project management, administration process or conflict resolution, Willard weighs the arguments and goals of all stakeholders to craft a mutual resolution strategy allowing your business to fulfill its aims.

Social Media Engagement & Strategy Development

Willard’s results-driven social media strategies for business help engage stakeholders and protect your brand online. Our savvy social team can advise you on appropriate social media etiquette and guidelines as well as effectively using social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others to communicate and grow your audience. We understand how to build and maintain a positive social media presence for your brand, as well as identify threats and opportunities online

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